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Information Traveling by Train in Europe

Inconvenient. Train stations are usually at city centers. Many cities have more than one station. Train stations offer many amenities, restaurants, retail stores, local tour information, money exchange outlets, hotel and lodging information, public transit information, ticket offices, taxis, railway ticket offices, Tourist Information and lockers where you can store your luggage for up to 24 hours. Smaller stations will few amenities. The train stations in large cities are similar to a North American mall except the stations cater to the needs of the traveler.

Slow and inefficient. There are several classes of train in Europe. The high-speed trains are fast. These trains make direct connections between the large cities of Europe. At speeds from 150 to over 300 km an hour high-speed train is the expeditious way to travel. It is much faster than driving. When traveling by plane you will need ground transportation to and from the airport to the city center. For shorter trips there are regional and local trains that travel fast but not as fast as the high-speed trains. All trains run on time.

Not comfortable. Train

Tips Choice of Train Trip

· Cost effective

When compared with other modes of transport such as air transport, train transportation is cheaper. Furthermore, it is more efficient when compared with car transport because you do not have to stop at the fueling station to fill your tank. In addition, train transport travels faster because there is no traffic to contend with on the route. When you book to travel by train during the night, you stand to benefit from substantial savings because you will not have to incur the cost of staying in a hostel, motel or hotel.

· Spacious and comfortable

Private cabins and train seating offers more space and comfort. This benefit is often lacking in airplanes and automobiles, which offer smaller seating arrangements. Many modern trains give you the opportunity to recline the seats to a horizontal position. For the most comfortable travel, avoid booking seats that are close to the doors. This way, passengers coming in and going out of the train will not disturb you.

· Safe mode of transport

Many security issues like air travel

About Train Travel to Hungary

I joined some British holidaymakers at Budapest’s Nyugati station, which had been built by Eiffel. They had already visited Prague and Berlin. In keeping with the spirit of the Hungarian motto, we drank champagne in the wonderful over-the-top royal waiting room, designed for Emperor and King Franz Joseph and his wife Queen Elisabeth. Heathrow was never like this!

Steam locomotive 424.247 was waiting for us at the end of the platform, quietly working up a head of steam for the journey to Balaton, the Hungarian costa and Europe’s largest freshwater lake. The train is one of only three of its kind left– the 424 locomotives are probably the best known and certainly the most successful of Hungary’s steam trains. Not surprisingly, it always attracts an admiring crowd. It was hard not to give a royal wave as we pulled out of the station blowing a 100-decibel whistle, which scattered the pigeons high over Budapest.

Once on the move we scampered about like children and explored the rest of the train. It was made up of several carriages

Visiting the Aurora Sky Station

The Sky Station is the world’s premier destination for a Northern Lights trip because Abisko benefits from such a fortunate geographic location, unparalleled anywhere else on Earth. The prevailing wind patterns in this small village (located 250 kilometres inside the Arctic Circle) push clouds out, leaving the skies consistently clear through most of the year. As a result, fantastic sightings can occur on almost every night of a Northern Lights trip in the aurora season. Furthermore, Abisko suffers little to no light pollution since it’s nestled so far up in the mountains.

An experience at the Sky Station in Abisko will leave you wondering where the earth ends and the heavens begin. The picturesque beauty of the lights, especially when taken in amidst the stillness of a star-studded night, is a truly humbling experience. The station has an excellent patio, which makes the prefect vantage for sky gazing in comfort. Inside, you can keep warm by a natural log fireplace and look out for the aurora borealis through massive glass windows offering panoramic views of the landscape. There is also restaurant, where you can enjoy a glass of wine alongside a three-course meal. For something a bit

Some Transportations For Travelers when in Paris


Taxi is the most convenient transportation as you could take it in any place. Usually it is easier to get the taxi in the taxi station (Tete de Taxi) in the main streets, hotel or the stations. Most of the taxi drivers are very familiar with the streets, and they could take you to your destination as long as you could mention you address clearly. Please be aware that the front seat is not for passenger, and one taxi could take 3 passengers in principal.

Public Bus

Most of the Paris residents like to take the public bus, but it seems to be quite difficult for tourists as they may not recognize the place to take off. However, you could enjoy the street scenery in taking the bus whereas the subway could not offer. Please be aware that you have to buy the ticket rather than just put the coins in. If you do not have a ticket, you have to tell the driver your destination, buy the ticket and put in the ticket cutter. Actually, you could use the subway ticket in taking the bus. You could just show your fixed-time subway ticket

Train Trip With Kids

We booked the trip leaving from Penn Station, Newark, New Jersey leaving at 10AM on a Tuesday morning. Since we live about 70 miles away we did not want to leave our car parked there for three weeks as the parking fees would be incredible. We found a local driver who charged $60 each way and that way we had no worries about our car. The car picked us up bright and early that day and we arrived at Penn Station about 9:15AM. The people who work there were great and directed us to our boarding area on a platform. Strange tho, that we were the only people on our end of the platform and there were lots and lots of people on the other end.

We asked the porter several times with tickets in hand if we were in the right place as everyone else was “down there”. He assured us we were in the right place and just bide our time a few more minutes. The train arrived about fifteen minutes before ten and whooshed past us it seemed forever. Train car after train car went flying by until the locomotive finally stopped a short

Information of Train to Belgium

We found track number 4 and continued pushing our stroller and luggage through the crowds. My husband looked back at me and smiled. Though some would see this as infinitely frustrating, we knew this was what made memories. When things didn’t go perfectly or smoothly was when you had to just laugh because a day of travel dilemmas in Europe still meant we were in Europe.

A station worker who demanded to see our tickets, which we promptly showed him, abruptly stopped us. He professed that our train had been cancelled and ordered us to turn around and go back the way we had came. Moments later that same man was surrounded by other angry travelers and was quickly distracted so we proceeded to quietly step around the cantankerous crowd and kept going in our original direction.

We found what we assumed was the train we were looking for and located car number 16. We found the door to the train open so we climbed in, unloaded our children and stowed our entire luggage before finding our seats. Minutes later the train began pulling out of the train station. Though we weren’t entirely sure we were

Monopoly All the Stations

If this is the case, don’t despair because the holiday is all geared up to make sure that there’s loads on offer when it comes to UK breaks, it really can be that romantic and idyllic image that we imagine British holidays were back in the good old days. It makes sense that rail travel has risen in popularity too, alongside the great British holiday, as the best way to get to that romantic Scottish city or that quaint seaside town. If you’re thinking of doing a bit of a rail tour around the UK, just do it, it’s a great way to see the country to live in – it really is surprising what’s on our own doorstep.

Rail travel is so simple now and can also be really inexpensive if you book in advance and if you’re the adventurous type and don’t fancy planning too far ahead, just remember that all major railway stations have lockers and storage so you can turn up, store your luggage for the day and go off exploring whichever great city you’re in. Now if that’s not Famous Five enough for you, we don’t know what is.

The beauty

Some Recommendations Place in Tokyo

1. Harajuku: 
Known for its street youth sporting out-of-this world costumes, its great shopping and its proximity to the famous Meiji Shrine, Harajuku is eye candy for the intrepid traveler of any age. Walk around, shop a bit, or have lunch while you people watch. Directions: Take the Yama-no-te line and get off at Harajuku station.

2. Kamakura: 
Okay, technically Kamakura is not in Tokyo at all and is actually about an hour outside of the city. But, as my absolutely favorite place to visit in Eastern Japan, I could not resist including it here. Kamakura is the place to go if you are hankering for a taste of old Japan – Buddhist temples and traditional food – but do not have time to go all the way to Kyoto or Nara in Western Japan. Visiting here feels like you are stepping back in time. Directions: Take the Shonan-Shinjuku line and get off at Kita Kamakura station.

3. Ginza: 
For those who like flashy clothes, impressive architecture, clubs, and upscale shopping, Ginza is a fun place to spend time. Directions: Take the Tokyo Subway line and exit at Ginza station.

4. Tokyo Tower: 
The Tokyo

Must know about London Tube Station

Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf tube station serves the Jubilee line and is the busiest underground station outside central London. The station is in Travelcard Zone 2 and has 2 platforms. Serving the Canary Wharf business district, this station has become amongst one of the busiest stations in the network. Britain tallest building, Canary Wharf Tower is located close to the station. Although this station is not open to the public, it can be seen from all over London and is also amongst one of the largest buildings in Britain.

Baker Street

Baker Street tube station was opened in 1863 and is world’s first underground railway. Located at the junction of Baker Street and Marylebone Road, this station is in Travelcard Zone 1 and serves five different lines with 10 platforms. London’s famous attractions including Royal Academy of Music, Madame Tussauds, Sherlock Holmes Museum, The Auditorium and Regents Park are located close to the station and hence you have a number of options to relax with family and friends.


Southgate tube station was opened in 1933 and between Arnos Grove and Oakwood stations. The station is in Travelcard Zone 4 and serves the

Try Trip when Summer

There’s something about a railway road trip that beckons the pioneer spirit within us. And there’s a certain appeal to letting the rhythmic chug-chug-chug of the tracks lull you to sleep. Granted, these sleeping cabins aren’t as roomy as regular hotel rooms, but then again, it moves you towards your destination while allowing you to sleep, something you couldn’t do with a car or RV unless you alternated driving shifts. And the sleeping cabins are definitely roomier than airline seats!

Family train trip adventures are growing in popularity. Dad can play a marathon game of Monopoly instead of being stuck behind the wheel; Mom can watch a movie with you instead of her riding shotgun to keep the driver on track and alert for the duration. When kids get antsy or hungry, you can round them up for a walk to the dining cab (without losing any traveling mileage).

Explore the train, revel in the changing scenery buzzing by your view, curl up with a good book and maybe take in a catnap. Trains allow you to slow your pace and relax…and isn’t that one of the main goals of going on a vacation? Your road

Good Train Journeys

King of Fjords Rail
A classic rail trip offered in Scandinavia is ‘Norway King of Fjords’ Rail Tour, which encompasses glorious glaciers, thundering waterfalls, deep, rich valleys, as well as the stunning Norwegian fjords which will mesmerise the most discerning traveller. The five-day train tour travels from Oslo to Mydal for a ride on the spectacular Flam Railway where for two hours you zigzag upward passing snow-covered mountains, look down into valleys and chug past waterfalls. After this train trip you’ll cruise the famed Sognefjord and then on to the massive Fjaerland Glacier via one of the most beautiful fjords in Norway. Next day on to Bergen to board the train to cross the countryside of Norway to Oslo.

The mighty Ghan
The Ghan begins its journey at the bottom of the Australian continent, points north and choofs all the way up the centre of the country to the top end city of Darwin – it runs between Adelaide, Alice Springs in the Red Centre to Darwin. Operated by Great Southern Railway, the journey takes 48 hours to travel the 2979km. The service’s name is an abbreviated version of its previous nickname The Afghan Express, which comes

Short Trip Around Bangkok

You can take this trip once you reach Bangkok, or one day before you say good bye to Thailand from your vacation. But I really recommend you do this one day before you leave Thailand, for it is convenient to buy souvenir and pack them up. Then, go to the airport the day after.

After all it is not such a good idea to lie down around the swimming pool in the hotel. You’re here for good time to experience the exotic place. You have to explore the city. I assume that most foreign visitors stay in hotels along Sukhumvit and Ratchadapisek roads. That is where the most convenient way to travel around Bangkok. On Sukhumvit road, there is the sky train line which takes you to air conditioner shopping malls as well as the famous flea market Jatujak Market (JJ Market). On Ratchadapisek road, there is subway train running. Both city train lines are intersected on the two points. One point is at the station of Sala-Deang for the sky train and Silom Station for subway on Silom road. The other point is at intersection of Asok Station for sky train and Sukhumvit Station for subway.

Be Easy Travelling with European Rail

Arrive early To begin with, know which particular rail station you are leaving from (many European cities have more than one) and arrive with plenty of extra time before your scheduled departure. Nothing will add to your stress more than being pressed for time or being at the wrong station. Extra time allows you to get your bearings and then proceed. Arrive at least thirty minutes early or even a little earlier if you have a pass to validate.

Finding your departure track When you arrive at the station you will more than likely see a myriad of people coming and going from the platforms. Take a deep breath and go to one of the departure boards located throughout the station. Look for the track or platform number your train will depart from. It is easiest if you look for your train number since some trains may have multiple stops and might not specifically state your destination.

Validate Rail passes must be validated on or before the first day of use. You must do this before boarding the train. Simply take your pass to the ticket office and have it validated. Either you or the conductor on the train

All about Colorado Train Trips

For history, start high in the mountains near Pikes Peak, at about 9500′ elevation, riding the rails to a ghost town on the Cripple Creek & Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad. The whistle of this 15 ton “iron horse” steam locomotive carries across the mountain valley of this high gold mining district, as this tourist trip heads for a ghost town on its 45 minute, four mile, round trip. Board at historic Cripple Creek. Open May through October.

While in Cripple Creek, visit the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine. You descend straight down in a cage 1000 feet into this historic and still active gold mine, and near the end of the tour you will experience a ride in an air powered “man trip” train just like the miners do. Open April through October.

Another popular historic train ride carries passenger through a national forest on the colorful Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. Originally built to haul gold and silver, this vintage steam train has been operating for over 129 years continuously. The 45 mile trip takes 3-1/2 hours each way, with a 2-1/4 hour layover. Open May through early November.

Near Colorado Springs, the Royal

German Rail Network Travelling

The German Rail – Some General Facts

It is very efficient and convenient to travel by train in Germany. The centrally located train stations are easy to get to in most of the towns and cities. You can then take a bus, a taxi, an S-Bahn, or a U-Bahn to get to your final place of interest.

The ICE trains are high speed and they are especially useful when you are traveling a long distance between different major cities in Germany. They are much quicker than spending hours driving on the Autobahn to reach your destination.

You can relax as you rest in a very comfortable seat and enjoy the German countryside as it passes by your window. There is probably not a better way to travel across long distances.

You may find this information about the trains in Germany and the train tickets that are available if you are planning a visit to Germany.

Trains in Germany

The ICE – Inter City Express train is very convenient and very fast and is known as the king of the German trains.

IC – Inter City trains will take you between the

Some Romantic Train Trips

There are various amounts of these in practically every country. From the United States to completely across Europe to the far east and more. There are mountains and waters, canyons and cities that can be explored hand in hand with romance constantly leading the way.

For example, the Orient Express offer the opportunity to ride to and through many of the most romantic European cities such as Paris, Budapest, and Venice. While visiting these places, and especially Paris, which coincidentally is the world’s largest love oriented city, a couple can rediscover the love that originally brought them together in the first place.

While, the Canadian train rides offer mountains that are majestic and can be hiked upon, pristine waters that will ferry a couple across to a cabin that is directly on one of the many islands that are scattered throughout the Pacific northwest, and, also included in many of these trips are special attraction packages. These add items and free entrance into and on things like tramways and glacier national parks. There are seven day and six nights as well as twelve days and eleven nights trips available and each include hotel stays in cities

Info of Train Trips in Thailand

Admittedly spectacular in parts and with beautiful scenery along the Kwai Noi River to Namtok at the end of the line, it is but a small segment of the SRT system and by no means the only memorable sector to be found.

The River Kwai services leave from Thonburi station with additional services from the main Hualom-phong station during the November festival time. The Thonburi station affords splendid views of the river and is close to the Royal Barge sheds as well as being an architectural wonder with its clock tower facade.

Whether you have an interest in railways or not, trains are still an immensely pleasurable way to view the Thai countryside and are also cheap. The rail fare to Nam Tok, at the end of the Kwai line is still only 60 baht for a one way ticket and the Wongwian Yai service can still be found at around 20 baht round trip.

On local trains and many of the long distance expresses, vendors still ply their wares at the various stops along the line and many will be already aware of the new Korean-manufactured sleeper carriages available on most routes. Sleeper fares

Some London Railway Stations

Charing Cross

London Charing Cross is a major railway terminus in the city of Westminster in Central London. The station was opened in 1864 and was once the gateway for Paris and Europe. The station is managed by Network rail and is in Travelcard Zone 1 with 10 platforms, 6 for overground operations and 4 for underground operations.

Tube operations are served by the Bakerloo line and Northern line. Southern and Southeastern trains run across the station.

London Bridge

London Bridge Station is London’s oldest railway terminus and underground complex opened in 1836 in Southwark. This station was the chief entrance from the south-east and is the fourth busiest rail terminal in London. It has 15 platforms and is in Travelcard Zone 1.

The station offers overground rail services through Thameslink, Southern trains and South East Trains. Underground operations are served by the Northern Line and Jubilee line. London Bridge station is the main interchange for South London.


Esher Railway Station was opened in 1838 to serve Esher. It is known for its distinctive wooden bridge and has 2 platforms. This station is managed by South West Trains covering Reading,

Info about Eurail Train Travel

The key to this is the phrase ‘city center to city center’. Consider Paris. The airport, Charles de Gaulle, is 23 km north-east of Paris. If you go by taxi in either direction it costs the national debt and takes 45 minutes. There are regular buses and trains but your journey is never going to be less than 45 minutes. Leaving, you have security to go through and the airlines would like you there well before take-off. At least an hour, sometimes two hours.

Thus on any flight you find that as much as six hours, never less than four, are spent getting to the airport, checking in, flying, getting there and collecting your luggage. Then getting to the center of your destination.

By train, in every capital in Europe (I have searched and found no exception) you arrive in the center of the city.

Yes, you need to be at the train station ten minutes before the train leaves — make it fifteen minutes to be on the safe side — and when you get to your destination it is instant arrival. Your baggage is with you and you are there, bang in the